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9 Bartenders We LOVE

9 Bartenders We LOVE

Bartending isn’t just about pouring drinks. If it were the extent of their craft, anyone could do it. Right now, there are robots out there mixing mudslides and piña coladas. But that’s not bartending; that’s just mixing drinks.

And that’s the easy part. What makes a good bartender isn’t how they masterfully blend ingredients into a toast-worthy cocktail; it’s how they blend personalities. It’s how they can be your closest confidante on a day when you just need to vent over a stiff one. It’s how they can tame a whole bar full of unruly tourists with just a few words. It’s how they will toast your best days with your favorite drink, prepared before you’ve even asked for it.

A robot can mix you a drink. But a bartender will be your therapist, your cheerleader, and if necessary, your babysitter. And that’s why we’re thankful they’ll always be there.