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Aug 24, 2022

Operation Excellence: Robert Moul steps outside the box to elevate your real estate experience

Linda Hopkins

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2 Lights, 1 Stand
Have you seen him? He’s the guy with the exquisitely groomed Aquaman beard, walking around in a suit and tie (complete with matching pocket square) on the steamiest dog days of summer. While clothes don’t make the man, Robert Moul’s signature look certainly sets him apart, leaving a first impression that speaks volumes before he […]

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Have you seen him? He’s the guy with the exquisitely groomed Aquaman beard, walking around in a suit and tie (complete with matching pocket square) on the steamiest dog days of summer. While clothes don’t make the man, Robert Moul’s signature look certainly sets him apart, leaving a first impression that speaks volumes before he ever utters a word about real estate.

If you believe the adage, “The way we do anything is the way we do everything,” you can clearly deduce that Moul does business with aplomb. Whether he’s talking with a client, meeting with his team, delivering a motivational speech, or painting a wall, he does it the same way: with excellence, because that’s how he rolls—in business and in life.

Moul’s first ambition was not to be an award-winning Realtor, but that’s exactly what he has become. Starting in real estate in 2014, he was one of the top-producing agents in the country at his previous brokerage, earning the prestigious and highest level Chairman’s Club Award in 2020 and 2019 for his sales production and earning the title of the No. 5 Agent Nationwide out of 6700+ in 2019. Previously, he received the President’s Cup Award for his sales production in 2016, 2017 and 2018, achieving top one percent of agents nationwide.

In 2018, Moul earned his Broker’s license for the state of South Carolina, opening his own boutique brokerage, Moul, REALTORS®, in 2021.

The circuitous route

So, how did Robert Moul get here, and what makes him tick? Looking back on his career path, he took some rather interesting turns along the way, starting with an unusual degree. Moul earned a B.A. in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania, which was, at the time, the only school in the United States that offered the specific Research Intelligence Analyst Program (RIAP) to fit his goal of joining the CIA. The reason he chose that line of study was because of 9/11. “When I saw the twin towers, I said, ‘I want to go fight terrorism,’” he explained. In college, Moul applied to the CIA, FBI, and NSA. They all said no because they wanted someone with military experience, according to Moul.

Though his dream was dashed, his education was far from wasted. Moul attributes much of his success in real estate to the research and analysis skills he obtained in college and his ability to leverage the power of information. “The RIAP program really prepared me for a career surrounded by data. I can take the trends of the market—the research, the data—and formulate a plan for my buyers and sellers based on what I see the data doing,” Moul said.

Also preparing him for real estate sales was his previous career with a national franchised furniture and mattress company, which is, ironically, what brought him to the Lowcountry and led him to cross paths with the love of his life, Sandra. He sold her a mattress! “We still have it in our guest room,” Moul said.

Moul married Sandra in 2012, and all was well in his world until his job suddenly evaporated. That’s when rock bottom became the catalyst for a new dream and far greater achievements. “A driving factor of my success is that I don’t ever want to be back where I was when I lost my job,” he said.

Moul credits his father for setting the example and showing him the way to entrepreneurship. “My father is an entrepreneur [currently in the tech industry in the Philadelphia area]. He always had that ‘get it done, do whatever it takes’ mentality. I think I bring that a lot in terms of perseverance—never giving up! But I also have this mindset of ‘I don’t want to fit in a box,’” Moul said. “I want to be different from everybody else around me.”

Moul also has a distinct advantage in his broad worldview. Thanks to his father’s career with EDS (Electronic Data Systems), in addition to Pennsylvania where he was born, Moul has lived in Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, England, Hong Kong, Australia, and South Carolina—never staying in one place longer than five years … until now.

He’s lived in the Lowcountry since 2007, moving here from Erie, Pennsylvania during a blizzard, his car packed with everything he owned. Coming from a place with only two seasons—winter and August—he says he’s most appreciative of the temperate weather and the beauty of his surroundings. With his family and business firmly rooted, he’s now proud to call the Lowcountry “home.”

From Left: Julie Seda, Chris Castro, Saida Razmetova, Robert Moul, Yuri Kennedy, Makayla Drake, Christine Carter. 

The new dream

After speaking to many people who described nightmarish real estate transactions, when Moul opened his boutique brokerage, he was determined to do things better. “We want to be more client focused. Our goal is for you to have a great experience,” he said.

Moul takes pride in the unique culture and brand of his brokerage and has recruited the best and most dedicated team of professionals to support his vision and serve his clientele. In addition to Moul, founder and broker-in-charge, the current team includes licensed real estate salespersons Yuri Kennedy, Makayla Drake, Saida Razmetova, Julie Seda, and Chris Castro, along with Christine Carter, who serves as transaction coordinator, supporting the team and holding clients’ hands throughout the transaction process.

Technology is also Moul’s friend—and yours! “Marketing a property takes more than just listing on the MLS,” Moul explained. “Technology changes daily, and you need someone who is up to speed with all the latest marketing ideas,” he said.

With a background in computer programming (even starting his own website design and development company at age 13), Moul built his own website, which he updates regularly, including multiple pages of unsolicited five-star reviews. And so important in today’s market, he’s active and highly visible on social media. He’s also proud to turn both buyers and sellers on to a “cool system” that allows them to follow along throughout the steps to closing.

And then there is that extra personal touch. When a closing occurs, buyers get a framed painting of their new house as a gift. “It’s an emotional end to the home-buying experience,” Moul explained.

When he is not working, Moul enjoys spending time with his wife and their three-year-old son, Robbie. He also enjoys carpentry and home improvement. As an owner of multiple Lowcountry properties, which Sandra manages, Moul derives great satisfaction from his DIY projects. “I’m the most calm when I’m painting a wall,” he said. “I’m in the moment. I’m focused.” And you can bet that wall is going to be painted to perfection.

It all goes back to excellence. Because that’s how he rolls. 

Moul, REALTORS® is located at 1132 May River Rd., Bluffton, serving Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort, S.C. Meet the team and learn more at or call (843) 940-8007 to begin your own unique real estate experience.

Honoring Our Heroes

Moul, REALTORS® believes strongly in giving back to our local community as well as our great nation. If you qualify and buy or sell a property with a Moul, REALTORS® eligible agent, you can earn up to 25 percent of their commission as a rebate at closing to use toward your closing costs and prepaids when buying or save on your listing side commission when selling. Qualifiers include teachers, school administrators, university & college faculty and staff; firefighters; medical personnel, including EMS & paramedics, doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, administrators and support staff; law enforcement and public safety officers; and military, including active duty, reservists, wounded warriors, National Guard members, Coast Guard personnel, and military veterans.

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