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Aug 24, 2022

Fantastic Floors: Sir Grout of the Lowcountry finishes on top as national franchise

Cheryl Alexander

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Sir Grout of the Lowcountry, well known in the area for their outstanding ability to restore natural stone floors to flawless, like new finishes, now has another reason to shine. The local business was named 2021 Franchise of the Year among the Sir Grout national network. Scott Odom and his new business partner Dan Lundstedt […]

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Sir Grout of the Lowcountry, well known in the area for their outstanding ability to restore natural stone floors to flawless, like new finishes, now has another reason to shine. The local business was named 2021 Franchise of the Year among the Sir Grout national network.

Scott Odom and his new business partner Dan Lundstedt own Sir Grout of the Lowcountry, which covers the Charleston, South Carolina, area down to Savannah, Georgia.

“Being recognized as ‘Franchise of the Year’ at our national meeting was pretty cool,” Odom said. “It was validation that we are doing things right in the Lowcountry.”

Sir Grout of the Lowcountry was awarded this high honor among more than 40 locations nationwide. Partners Odom and Lundstedt recently acquired Sir Grout of Scottsdale/Phoenix and Lundstedt also owns Sir Grout Chicago, the largest in the network. The duo attributes a large degree of their success to their team who have been with them for several years. Each Sir Grout service technician undergoes an extensive training process and is qualified to help you understand the best way to care for your surfaces once work has been completed.

“Our guys are awesome, and we trust them implicitly,” Odom said. “Jonathan Russell is our general manager, and our customers love him. We also rely heavily on senior technician Andrew Russell, and our other techs Micah Russell, Will Gabriel, and James Hartzog. In the Charleston area, the team consists of Ari Biggus, Andrew Barr, and Luis Garza. We have never had a negative review about any of our guys. They are polite, respectful, and clean when they visit and work in our customers’ homes. These aren’t just any senior techs; these guys are trained professionals and the face of our company in field. We have an excellent reputation so that’s very important to us.”

Though Sir Grout has only been in the Lowcountry for a few years, Odom has actually been in the restoration business here for about 15 years. Five years ago, Odom decided to convert his thriving stone restoration business to a franchise because of the Sir Grout color seal technology, which he reports has grown his business tremendously.

“The color seal technology is the main reason I bought the franchise,” said Odom. “If someone has regular ceramic tile with grout, the color seal allows us to change the color of their grout to any color they desire without regrouting. And although we aren’t necessarily a cleaning company, we do clean the surface first to ensure our sealer bonds. Then we seal it with our proprietary sealer and, properly maintained, it is intended to last indefinitely.”

Sir Grout undoubtedly installs a lot of color seal. But what they are most known for is their natural stone honing, polishing, and sealing for marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and other natural stones, which constitutes most of their business. The process is detailed, and the results are fantastic.

“Most people are aware that wood floors need to be sanded, or honed, over time in order to maintain their desired look,” Odom explained. “But the same is true with travertine, marble, and limestone. Most people assume that natural stone can just be cleaned, which is typically not the case. Most times, a simple cleaning will not accomplish the results they desire.”

Depending on the stone surface, Odom and Lundstedt will examine the floor to determine if there is etching or staining, which will reveal how aggressive the sanding must be. And because their process uses water, no dust is left behind. As well, homeowners who are diligent about sweeping and maintaining a clean floor after a resurfacing, may not ever need another honing—at least for while.

“We resurface the floor by taking just a little off the top,” said Odom, “and you’re left with a floor that looks brand new.”

Another favorite service provided by Sir Grout is cleaning and sealing granite countertops, which should be done every two years. And in showers, they can install epoxy grout, a grout used in expansion joints of showers due to its resistance to mold or mildew.

“An expansion joint,” explained Odom, “is the angle where two walls meet or where the wall meets the floor. Many times, those crevices will collect mold and mildew and even crack. As long as it’s maintained, the epoxy grout doesn’t mold, mildew or crack, and customers love the results.”

The team at Sir Grout aims to provide the highest level of customer service and vows to always go the extra mile. Odom lives by the adage, “There is never a traffic jam on the extra mile,” and he asserts this mentality to his team.

“The standards we set don’t necessarily guarantee that we won’t ever make a mistake,” Odom said, “but if we do, we own it, and then we go back and fix it. We always try to set a realistic expectation, and then work to exceed that. We don’t overpromise, but we do provide the highest level of service and a realistic result that more than satisfies.”

He further explains that though there are other companies that offer the same services as Sir Grout at perhaps a lower cost, there is no one who specializes in resurfacing like Sir Grout.

“Maybe they clean carpet and they also have the ability to clean tile as an extra add on,” Odom said, “but this is our business. From Kiawah to Hilton Head, no one does more of this kind of work than us. Resurfacing is not just part of what we do, it is ALL we do.”

Sir Grout of the Lowcountry provides all professional services to recover the splendor of your hard surfaces. Whether it’s tile, grout cleaning and sealing, or natural stone restoration, their unique processes and products will transform and renew floors, kitchens, foyers, mudrooms, bathrooms, showers, and more.

By scheduling an appointment, Sir Grout will offer free in-home/office consultations providing detailed written estimates and descriptions of their services. All locations are locally owned and operated (licensed and insured).

The Sir Grout Franchise has been recognized and awarded by many publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Top Franchises and Top New Businesses as well as review sites such as Angie’s List and thousands of satisfied customers. With rapid growth, Sir Grout is the best choice for floor care and restoration by homeowners and businesses throughout the Lowcountry and the U.S.

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