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Christmas Cutback

Christmas Cutback

Let’s not sugar coat this. The holidays can be all-consuming. From the ever-expanding Christmas card list to the never-ending shopping, the season of giving takes a lot. However, local mom Ramara Garrett, known for her savings savvy, says it doesn’t have to break the...
Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees

  With Halloween “boo”-hind us and Thanksgiving just a few weeks and grocery store runs away, the holiday season is upon us. In addition to a time of cooler weather and happy get togethers, it’s time for Hilton Head Preparatory School’s annual Festival of Trees....
Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Seemingly festive, soulful and uplifting, the word “holiday” comes from the Old English words “hālig” meaning holy and “dæg” meaning day. But for a great many of us, the word holiday means an obligation to tradition. For some of us, that obligation is associated with...
The Power of Music

The Power of Music

Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” crescendos and you find yourself getting lost. Simultaneously, fingers and head start to snap in keeping with the beat. You feel compelled to rap and, out of nowhere, you start singing lyrics you did not even know you knew. Next up, Ramin...