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Mar 30, 2024

Property Management Spotlight

Celebrate Hilton Head Magazine

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Featuring BESTNEST by Beverly Serral, Beach Properties of hHon Head, Beachbum Property Management, Palmetto Dunes Vacation Rentals and Property Management, Sunset Rentals, Island Time, Island Getaway Rentals, Beach House Boutique, Seashore Vacations and Foreshore, LLC.

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BESTNEST by Beverly Serral

7 New Orleans Road   Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 (843) 341-3600

Beverly Serral, the superlative real estate maven who has redefined luxury on Hilton Head Island, never does things by the book. Launching Beverly Serral Properties, she showed that bringing real estate, renovation, and rentals gave discerning customers a level of service they hadn’t experienced before. When it came time to debut BESTNEST, her collection of upscale vacation rental properties, she built everything around the perspective of that service. 

“I came from the point of view of the experience, and I built the business around that,” Serral said. “I want guests to be able to rely on knowing what awaits them. We say that you can book a BESTNEST and rest easy. We do that by making the reservation experience consistent with clear communication and professionalism, and the accommodations experience consistent with regards to outfitting, equipping, and guest comfort.”

As important as that level of service is, Serral knew that BESTNEST’s success would hinge on securing the finest properties available, then setting a standard that ensures an unforgettable vacation every time. And that standard is found in the details – from supplying quality cookware and dishes in each property to providing full supplies of the essentials from beach towels to bath tissue. 

“It’s the little things, and people notice them,” Serral said. “It’s definitely an extra effort and it takes a lot of dedication, but when those details are done right, everything clicks. Vacationing can be stressful, so it’s important that when our guests arrive, their house is cool and clean, the sheets are soft, everything is arranged neatly, and a gift basket awaits them. The last thing I want people to ever do is get here and have to call us. Our fastidiously diligent team members work hard in advance so that does not happen.”

Serral cultivated this uniquely detail-oriented approach not only through her own career in real estate and design, but also as an avid traveler. “I have been fortunate to be able to travel to some extraordinary locales and upscale hotels, and I always wondered why the luxury hotel experience couldn’t be translated into the vacation rental experience,” she said. “It can be, it just usually isn’t.”

That’s what makes the details so important to Serral – they add up to a five-star experience that you can enjoy from a luxurious “resort” you and your family can enjoy all on your own. From expansive beachfront manors to tranquil cottages surrounded by a lush lagoon and forest, each property stands on its own merits as a fabulous vacation destination. But as a BESTNEST property, it’s held to a high standard set by Beverly Serral, upheld by her remarkably dedicated team, and celebrated by countless guests throughout 12 years of success.

Beach Properties of Hilton Head

64 Arrow Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, (800) 671-5155,

At Beach Properties, clear communication is essential for building a successful relationship with guests and owners alike. To ensure that you always have access to someone who can help, their entire staff communicates through tracked emails and phone calls. 

But it’s not just about their rapid and reliable service. Using their comprehensive marketing services, they are able to increase your properties’ online presence by using effective search engine optimization (SEO) keywords to generate strong web traffic and bookings. As a result of these efforts, their fully optimized website consistently remains in the top rankings for Google, Bing and other popular search engines, accumulating more than 3.8 million page views annually. A diverse marketing strategy, coupled with a $1.2 million annual spend, results in more property views, more bookings, and, ultimately, maximization of revenue.

Additionally, they have established strong relationships with reliable, qualified vendors to ensure that all work is completed in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Whether you have small or large projects, upgrades, or remodeling needs, they are here to help coordinate the appropriate contractors and assist in managing your home improvements.

This comprehensive approach has led to Beach Properties of Hilton Head being named the Best Vacation Rental Company for the 14th year in a row. This prestigious recognition was awarded by the readers of the Island Packet in its annual “Best of the Lowcountry” reader’s choice awards.

BeachBum Property Management

4 Roma Court, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 ,(843) 247-4814,

Discover the personalized touch of BeachBum Property Management, your trusted partner in short-term rentals and absentee owner services on stunning Hilton Head Island. As a family-run business led by the dynamic father-daughter team of Jim Brown and Mackenzie Brown, we bring more than 17 years of dedicated service to property owners and guests, along with two decades of Hilton Head Island residence.

As a small company, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled personal service to both property owners and guests. When you choose BeachBum, you’re not just another client; you’re part of our extended family. Communication is direct – property owners and guests will always connect with an owner, ensuring a personal touch that sets us apart.

Our fees are budget-friendly, providing a cost-effective alternative to larger rental agencies. Beyond the basics, BeachBum pays meticulous attention to details, ensuring your property not only meets but exceeds expectations as an excellent revenue producer. Moreover, our commitment goes beyond the clock, with 24/7 availability to address your needs promptly.

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to tailoring our services to the unique needs of each property owner. Experience the BeachBum difference – where personalized service meets professional excellence. 

Choose us for a customized, worry-free property management experience that aligns seamlessly with your individual requirements.

Palmetto Dunes Property Management

4 Queens Folly Road   Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. Call us at (844) 887-3566,

Jamie​​​​ Delsandro, Director of Property Management for Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, came into property management with a distinctively experienced background. Working her way up from driving the beverage cart on the championship golf courses of Palmetto Dunes, she has spent 19 years with the resort working in a variety of departments. 

As Director of Property Management, she gets to help others discover the beauty of Palmetto Dunes, which has served as a stunning backdrop for her entire career.

“Because we are the resort operating as a rental company rather than a stand-alone operation, we are able to extend the best discounts at all of our amenities for our guests and our owners,” she said. “We reserve the best rates at all of our outlets for those renting directly through us in the resort.”

That means that everyone renting through Palmetto Dunes Vacation Rentals gets to sample all the amazing amenities that have set this community apart: Sunbathing on miles of pristine beaches. Fishing and kayaking along the 11-mile lagoon system that travels through the resort. Tennis, pickleball and of course golf. It’s like being given the keys to the kingdom.

Of course, at the heart of this kingdom will be the visitors’ getaway for the week, one of 270 gorgeous properties in the resort community’s rental portfolio.

“We like to think that we have something for everyone,” Delsandro said. “Two-bedroom condos are definitely the majority, but we manage everything from one-bedroom villas to six-bedroom oceanfront homes.”

The sheer variety of options, and the endless possibilities for fun and excitement that Palmetto Dunes offers, are what entice visitors to rent with Delsandro and the rest of the team. But what keeps them coming back is the extra steps Palmetto Dunes takes to ensure every experience is unforgettable.

Delsandro says, “Our noble purpose statement in the resort is ‘We care about our guests and the impact we make on their lives,’ and we truly do everything we can to make sure that every owner and guest walks away from every interaction feeling that way.”

After 19 years at Palmetto Dunes, it’s a way for Delsandro to share her love for the community she’s experienced at every level. “There are no two days that are ever the same working in the vacation rental industry,” she said. “We get to help our guests with making lasting memories with their families, and that is a great feeling.”

Sunset Rentals

21 New Orleans Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, (843) 785-6767,

With more than 15 years of experience in the vacation rental industry, Annie Ferguson has worked with companies big and small. When she was named general manager of Sunset Rentals in 2020, she found herself at the helm of a company that operates like no other.

“We are locally owned and operated, do a lot of our stuff onsite, and enjoy the hands-on approach,” Annie said. “When you call here, someone’s going to answer the phone and be able to answer your questions.” 

It’s that active presence Sunset provides that Annie feels sets it apart. “Your home is our business, and we take a lot of pride in getting to know each guest, owner and property, no matter how large or small,” she said.

By keeping the number of homes in their portfolio manageable – just around 270 gorgeous properties that run the gamut of experiences the island has to offer – Annie and her team are able to put their focus where it needs to be, the owner and guest experience. “We really get to know each owner and each guest,” she said.

Helping to power that customer-focused outlook is a robust database of return guests that goes back to the company’s founding in 1993. And Sunset Rentals has been able to keep that database filled by creating a strong digital marketing presence, courting guests through innovative marketing ideas and concepts.

“We’re not trying to be the biggest vacation rental company on the island,” Annie said. “We are trying to do it right.”

Island Time 

1 Chamber of Commerce Dr Suite B, Hilton Head Island, SC , (843) 785-3456,

When Eric Moret entered the vacation rental business, he could have just built another company. He could have offered the same experience, the same service, and the same properties as everyone else. But doing things the same way as everyone else has never been his style. 

“You have to be different to be successful,” Moret said. “We have a different vision of what a vacation can be, and this entire brand was built with that perspective.”

That perspective – one that spares no expense in creating a true luxury experience – is one that Moret cultivated over years as one of Europe’s most acclaimed advertising experts. Specializing in the healthcare market, he built an advertising agency that expanded across the continent. After selling his stake to legendary ad firm Publicis Group, he stayed on as the lead for France and four other countries, managing a team of 500 people. 

After launching another highly successful firm, Moret decided he’d earned his retirement. It didn’t last. “After a few years, I was caught up by the entrepreneurial bug,” he said. “I wanted to do something else, and I wanted to do it somewhere else.” 

That restless entrepreneurial spirit brought him to his favorite vacation destination, Hilton Head Island, where he saw an opportunity to bring his unique insights to bear on the vacation rental world. As luck would have it, that opportunity also brought him face-to-face with Dru Brown and Bill Haley, two legendary figures in the vacation rental world. 

“The best thing an entrepreneur can do is to have the best people around him,” he said. “That’s how I succeeded and that’s how this business succeeds.”

Bringing together some of the most storied names in the business, Moret and his team built Island Time into a brand that reimagines what a vacation can be. Their properties are hand-selected to represent the pinnacle of island living, from the golf views of the Fairway Collection to the jaw-dropping opulence of the Icon Collection. On the beach, by the green, or tucked away in tranquil maritime splendor, each property in the collection is a jewel.

Powering that experience is a dedication to service that elevates Island Time. Their dedicated in-house concierge is always on hand to provide guests a personalized experience. Their guest loyalty program rewards those who, like Moret, come back time and time again to rediscover their love for the island.

“People come here, and earn points and rewards for coming back,” Moret said. “We want to reward our guests just as much as we want to innovate and to put our focus on luxury and providing the maximum level of service possible.”

Island Getaway Rentals

28 New Orleans Rd I Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, (843) 781-6556,

Under the leadership of owners Todd and Sarah Brooks, Island Getaway Rentals has served as a standard bearer for hospitality on Hilton Head Island. But if you ask them what sets the company apart, they won’t just tell you about the gorgeous properties in their portfolio or their dedication to service. They’ll tell you about their deep connections – to their owners, to their guests and to the community.

Founded by Sarah’s father, John Waddy, Island Getaway represents a family legacy that spans almost four decades. For Todd and Sarah, who took over the business 25 years ago, carrying on this legacy is both an honor and a responsibility. Having worked alongside Waddy for several years prior to taking the reins, they understand the dedication and perseverance it took to establish Island Getaway. Now, with their son Archer joining the team, Island Getaway proudly boasts a multi-generational leadership, ensuring continuity and a shared commitment to excellence.

Island Getaway’s portfolio comprises luxury oceanfront and ocean-oriented homes and condos primarily located in Palmetto Dunes, Sea Pines, and Forest Beach. However, what truly distinguishes their service is their unwavering dedication to communication and attention to detail, whether it’s providing honest projections of rental income for property owners or offering knowledgeable assistance to renters from the initial inquiry to the end of their vacation.

“Communication, follow up, and attention to detail provide a strong, lasting relationship built on trust,” Todd said. 

Having transitioned from corporate careers in Atlanta to running Island Getaway, Todd and Sarah seamlessly blend their domestic and business lives. They view their roles not as separate entities but as complementary aspects of their lives, allowing them to continually innovate and support one another’s endeavors. 

“We look at it as more of a positive, where we can accomplish things and bounce ideas off of each other at any given time,” Sarah said.

With more than 25 years of experience, they have found a balance that works for them, enabling them to navigate the demands of both personal and professional spheres with grace and efficiency.

In essence, Island Getaway isn’t just a vacation rental company; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of family, dedication, and genuine hospitality. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence and personalized service, Todd and Sarah continue to uphold the values upon which Island Getaway was founded, ensuring that every guest’s experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Beach House Boutique

4 Hunter Road. Suite 4A  I  Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, (800) 317 6044,

Since its inception in 2017, Beach House Boutique has emerged as a frontrunner in the vacation rental industry on Hilton Head Island. Founded by Jennifer Miotto, a former local TV news anchor and radio host who made a successful career transition into real estate, this brand has revolutionized the concept of vacation home ownership.

Miotto’s journey began when she purchased two vacation rentals of her own. It was during this time that she realized her true calling. With a profound passion for real estate and design, Miotto and her team have carved a unique niche by offering comprehensive and personalized plans that elevate the vacation home ownership experience for homeowners.

At Beach House Boutique, we recognize the significance of creating an unforgettable stay for guests with every booking. We understand that it’s the personalized touches that make all the difference, enticing guests to return time and again for a memorable getaway. With this in mind, we go above and beyond by equipping the homes we represent with resort-level amenities. From arrival gift bags filled with local goodies and logo thermal cups to luxurious Ritz Carlton brand bed linens and monogrammed bathrobes, we ensure that every detail is meticulously curated.

In addition to these exceptional amenities, we provide concierge services that enhance the overall guest experience. From arranging transportation and recommending local attractions to making restaurant reservations, we strive to create a truly boutique experience for both guests and owners.

At Beach House Boutique, we believe that taking care of our homeowners is just as vital as elevating the properties we manage. As a small company, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, direct, and immediate attention to our esteemed owners. When you partner with us, you become part of our Beach House Boutique family. We offer a range of added benefits that make home ownership more enjoyable and convenient.

Our homeowner app is a testament to our commitment to transparency and convenience. With real-time information on your property’s performance, including revenue reports and statements, you have complete control and peace of mind. Furthermore, we have a dedicated quality control manager who ensures that your home’s interior furniture, fixtures, and decor are meticulously maintained throughout the year. This level of attention surpasses the standard annual inspection offered by larger companies.

When you choose Beach House Boutique, you’re selecting a company founded on trust, transparency, integrity, and customized care. We prioritize the value of partnership and guarantee that both homeowners and guests will find our services to be unparalleled in the industry.

Experience the Beach House Boutique difference and elevate your vacation home ownership experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maximize the potential of your vacation rental property. Trust in Beach House Boutique to exceed your expectations and redefine your vacation home ownership journey.

Seashore Vacations, Inc.

11 Executive Park Road I  Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, 800-845-0077,

One of the greatest assets a vacation rental company can provide is knowledge, especially that distinct sense of place that only local experts can provide. It’s the insider tips on the best sites to see, places to go, and things to experience to fully capture what makes a resort destination spectacular. 

Seashore Vacations has spent nearly 60 years cultivating exactly that elevated level of local knowledge. Founded by Don Peterson, the first CFO for Sea Pines when a young Charles Fraser was building a resort paradise at the edge of the world, Seashore Vacations was at the vanguard of vacation rentals from the beginning. Over the years, the company has developed a particular niche for truly customized vacation experiences, built on a foundation of local knowledge and informed by a drive to provide the utmost in service.

Owner Buddy Konecny has worked his way from the ground up – literally. Starting out as a teenager, cleaning condos with his sister, who still works by his side, he joined Seashore Vacations in 1989. When Peterson sold the firm in the early 1990s, Konecny was the sole employee. Purchased by Pete and Deb Welch, former vacationers who relocated to Hilton Head from Pennsylvania, Seashore Vacations grew and evolved. Ten years later, Konecny bought the company from the Welches. 

Now, many more years have passed and Konecny continues to exemplify Seashore’s legacy of unparalleled attention to detail and local knowledge. He is in the office daily and hands-on with each property.

Having been a part of the company’s mission to provide outstanding vacation experiences for most of his life, Konecny understands what sets Seashore Vacations apart.

“We only take on properties that are on the south end of the island. Over 90% of our inventory is within a mile of the Coligny Circle,” he said. “And that’s by design. That proximity lets us easily service and maintain our listings and allows for rapid responses whenever issues arise.”

Keeping all of its properties close by allows for a level of service that other companies simply can’t match. In addition, the company is dedicated to streamlining its properties, strategically courting those condos, villas, and homes that can suit any style. Even with upwards of 175 properties, Konecny and his team provide guests with blissful stays, whether soaring above ocean views, enjoying a tranquil respite among lagoon views, experiencing breathtaking golf course scenery, or tucked in behind the gates of a high-end resort community. 

Keeping that portfolio focused helps build on the deep knowledge that has defined Seashore Vacations.

“Having that kind of in-depth experience really enhances our level of service,” Konecny said. “It’s great when you can know a property inside and out and get to the bottom of any issues immediately. We’re not a call center across the country. We’re a local business that is up the street and available to help at a moment’s notice.”

ForeShore LLC

210 Goethe Rd, Bluffton, SC 29910, (843) 815-2838, www.foreshorerentals.comCreating an exceptional rental experience isn’t simply a matter of responding to issues, it’s a matter of anticipating them. From tackling problems before they arise to creating delightful surprises for guests, it’s a touch of clairvoyance that sets truly great rental firms apart.

That sort of proactive thinking has been part of Foreshore LLC’s DNA since owner Brian Tierney first went into the rental business 16 years ago. A seasoned marketing and advertising rep, Tierney had been working with real estate agents for years when he saw an opportunity to put a foot in their world. Signing on a handful of properties as vacation rentals, he found early success and one of his first opportunities to pivot once again. 

“A lot of my contacts in the real estate world started calling me on behalf of clients who were looking to rent out their properties long term,” Tierney said. “That’s how our long-term division started, because there was such a need for it.”

It was the first of several times that Tierney would prove the power of proactive action. During the pandemic, he expanded into renting and managing commercial space shortly after sales of rental homes surged and his inventory started to drop. Venturing into commercial rentals helped the business weather the storm. 

Last year, knowing that Bluffton’s profile as a vacation destination was on the rise, Tierney tasked Jordan Martin, Senior Property Manager for Bluffton Traveler, to develop this new division of Foreshore. Offering some of the finest properties on the mainland, this latest venture is taking Tierney back to where it all started for him.

Moving to the area in 1998 to open a hotel, Tierney had an extensive background in hospitality. This experience, coupled with Martin’s extensive research into current trends, informs a vacation rental company that exemplifies the thoughtful care that has made Foreshore a 16-year success story.

“So far, it’s been really well received,” said Tierney of Bluffton Traveler’s early success. “Jordan and the team have been instrumental in creating a high standard of service while offering some great houses in Bluffton.” 

The team plans to expand services to Palmetto Bluff in the coming months, Tierney said.

That high standard is one that Tierney has followed as he has grown his business. It’s about anticipating needs, ensuring that each guest has an unforgettable experience. It’s about accepting excellence as the standard, and nothing less. And it’s about staying nimble enough to get out in front of whatever may occur.

“This business is different every day. It’s a business of problem solving, of staying current in the technology and of knowing that everything changes every day,” Tierney said. But no matter what changes, one thing always stays the same. That is the company’s defining philosophy, of “providing the best customer service we can on all fronts and standing by our work. Sometimes, answering the phone is half the battle,” he said.

And the other half, as Foreshore has proven for 16 years, is responding quickly to the ever-shifting landscape with a team who doesn’t rest until the job is done and a standard of exemplary service that always shines through.

To learn more, go to, call 843-815-2838, or stop by 210 Goethe Road, Bluffton.

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