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Jun 1, 2024

A Moss Creek Celebration

Cheryl Ricer

Photography By

Kelli Boyd & Courtesy of Nicole Harrington
Clubhouse renovation reflects the best life has to offer

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Moss Creek has always been a place where families have come together to enjoy the best life has to offer. This sentiment has never been truer than right now. 

Fifty years ago this month, on June 20, 1974, Moss Creek was established with the goal of becoming one of the premier communities of the Lowcountry. That year, many families began living out their dreams. 

Today, those families’ dreams and more have come to fruition and Moss Creek has become exactly what those original visionaries intended: a beautiful community to call home. 

The community of Moss Creek has been celebrating their milestone in a variety of ways, not the least of which is the recent renovation of their clubhouse.

“The previous update was a minor one – new paint, new flooring, etc.,” said Suzanna Johnston, assistant general manager at Moss Creek. “Now, with the help of Woods Dendy Architects, Fraser Construction, and Kelly Caron Designs, we’ve completely renovated about 90% of the clubhouse so that it reflects a fresh Lowcountry aesthetic and an air of celebration.”

Fraser Construction, led by CEO Joseph B. Fraser III, has built more new clubhouses in the Lowcountry than any other contractor, and the Moss Creek clubhouse is their seventh clubhouse renovation.  

“The Moss Creek Clubhouse was due a major facelift, so we went to work,” Fraser said.

They not only installed a new roof over the veranda where there was previously an awning, but also raised it, which makes dining outdoors more inviting. They also removed some walls between dining spaces to create a more open and casual experience where members can easily mix and mingle. 

The kitchen was completely redone.

“We removed all the kitchen equipment, then expanded and rearranged it,” Fraser said. “We also renovated many of the mechanical systems, including a new fire sprinkler system, new electrical, and a lot of new air conditioning.”

Other improvements include new flooring, new doors, a new bar, new ceilings, and improved acoustical treatments. 

The card room is the perfect spot for some friendly competition and camaraderie between several member card groups.  The card room may also be used for small meetings or gatherings. 

“For the interiors, we wanted an updated casual look,” Johnston said. “Formerly, the color palette was dark browns and yellows, so we wanted a bright, airy aesthetic, which would bring the outdoors inside, incorporating whites, blues, and greens.”

To accomplish the interior goals, Moss Creek called on Kelly Caron Designs, who teamed up with Grady Woods Architects. With a goal to make the space more approachable and comfortable for a variety of ages and demographics, and to make the aesthetic relevant to the exterior surroundings and beautiful view of the marsh, they began to work out a design. 

The main Clubhouse lobby anchored by a twisted driftwood foyer table.    

The previous design felt too formal and heavy in texture, which wasn’t in line with the changing face of the membership. With the mix of longtime residents and new young families in the community, the space needed to have ease, comfort, and a purposeful flow from inside to outside, all while giving the guest a unique experience.

“The clubhouse didn’t fully reflect the membership, and there was really no extension from indoor to outdoor. We knew they wanted a timeless Lowcountry, relaxed feel, so the color palette, textures, materials, all those details are how we conceptualized everything and started the project. And then we listened to what their needs were,” said Sara Boyles of Kelly Caron Designs.  

The designers talked to the staff to see how they could be better accommodated and their spaces more functional for hosting bigger events. Creative use of commercial grade materials and fabrics were selected to ensure pieces would stand the test of time. The designers mixed softer materials and textures with durable finishes that were well-received by the staff. 

The designers even discussed the updates with members to confirm they, too, were also satisfied, including groups who use the smaller rooms, the locker rooms, the lounges, and dining areas. 

“Since the members are using the space, we wanted and gained valuable feedback from them to successfully create the areas that they would use for dining, events, games, and casual lounging,” Boyles said. 

Some of the outstanding interior details include a natural quartzite on the bar called Illusion Blue. Caron and Boyles selected the bar quartzite very early on in the project, and it set the tone for the color palette throughout the renovation. They also worked with Lowcountry Originals to customize some unique fixtures made of quartz crystals and oyster shells. 

A twisted driftwood table in the main entry sets the tone for some of the textural elements, and warm oak tones and textures, such as driftwood finishes and driftwood chandeliers, punctuate the aesthetic. The ballroom and banquet spaces include a stunning chair fabric that sets a luxurious tone with blues and blue-green tones. A variety of beautiful wall coverings add interest.

Everyone involved in the updates – from staff, employees, and members – is happy, proud, and inspired by the finished product. In fact, the head chef was inspired to create an all new, updated menu. 

One of first big events at the newly renovated clubhouse was a wedding reception for Sean and Nicole Harrington.  

One of the first big events at the newly renovated clubhouse was a wedding reception for Sean and Nicole Harrington. 

“Nicole grew up in Moss Creek, so she wanted a Moss Creek wedding reception,” Johnston said. “She wanted the rehearsal dinner at our pavilion, and she also wanted her bridal luncheon here. They waited and rescheduled their wedding date to have their events in the new clubhouse.”

The Harringtons met in 2016 while they were both working for Ironman Triathlon Company. In 2018, the couple moved to Seattle, and he proposed to her in 2021 during a hike in the mountains on a bridge overlooking a waterfall.

Harrington Wedding Reception, October 2023.

Because Nicole is a planner, she immediately began putting together the details for their wedding. She knew it was going to be in her hometown, and she was 100% certain that she wanted the reception at the Moss Creek Clubhouse. They secured the venue right off the bat for an October 22, 2022, wedding reception. 

Months later after Clubhouse renovation details were finalized, management made the couple aware there was a chance construction would interfere with their reserved date. Since the sentimental significance of the clubhouse was a priority for the couple, they ended up pushing their wedding date out a year to ensure completion of the project and to keep their celebration in October. They agreed to make the best of it and decided that since they would be fiancés only once in their lives, that it would be great to enjoy the distinction a little longer.

“It was so worth it,” Nicole said. “The clubhouse is stunning. It was beautiful before, but it did need a little bit of an upgrade. They knocked it out of the park with such a sophisticated Lowcountry vibe – the blue hues and the oyster shells and the new light fixtures. The outdoor veranda is so much larger and, with the heaters and the fans, it’s truly a year-round space, especially with the stunning view. Having the veranda for our cocktail hour with the grassy yard for people to mingle was such a win. I highly recommend the clubhouse to anyone who is seeking either a formal or informal event space. It’s a classy venue that truly elevates any event.” 

Today, Moss Creek isn’t just a place; it’s where celebrations resonate, where life unfolds in all its splendor. And now, there is a wonderful gathering place – the new clubhouse – that reflects the beauty of those celebrations and all the best that life has to offer.  

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