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May 30, 2024

To Be Better in Business, Amber Morgan Simply Dreams Bigger

Barry Kaufman

Photography By

This passion for helping others and expanding their knowledge is something she brought to her career in real estate, and something she has found as she has expanded her team.

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Real estate is a business of dreams.

When you walk through an open house, you daydream about what it would be like to live there. You imagine yourself sitting on that porch with a cup of coffee, embracing the new day’s sunrise. You see yourself in the gourmet kitchen, entertaining your friends as you welcome them to your new home. You envision unwinding among the spa-like serenity of the en suite bath.

When you find yourself living that lifestyle, it’s not just in an “ideal property.” It’s in your dream home.

Amber Morgan knows a thing or two about pursuing that dream. It’s the same pursuit that has found her at the head of a talented real estate team.

Amber Morgan is photographed on a boat in Point Comfort. 

“I was a buyer’s agent for four years. I loved it, but I was ready to grow, not only for myself but to be a better role model to my daughters,” Morgan said. For her, building a team isn’t just about expanding her business; it’s about fostering a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the art of client satisfaction.

This next step began in 2023, as Morgan began looking to the future and seeing how best to apply her real estate skills in charting her course. She brought on Dianna Pollina as closing coordinator and Diana Janura as director of operations, and their skills have been instrumental in moving the team forward.

“You can’t play all the roles as a single agent. With multiple people looking out for our clients, the whole process can be seamless and less stressful,” Morgan said. “As a client, you always have someone to connect with if you have a question. If I’m out at a showing and there is an issue, I can call Diana and she’ll have it handled. That way, I can put my focus on the client.”

That focus on the client is something that helped Morgan excel as a buyer’s agent, and it was a skill she honed in the classroom as an educator for several years before getting into real estate.

“When you’re a teacher, you’re passionate about helping others. That’s the personality – wanting to help. It overlaps because I’m so lucky to find another career in my life that also centers on helping people,” Morgan said. “And really, you’re educating people the whole time. You’re just educating them about the process, the market, the best way to negotiate and about making the right offer.”

This passion for helping others and expanding their knowledge is something she brought to her career in real estate, and something she has found as she has expanded her team.

“It’s important to pick the right person, because you want your clients to be just as happy with them as they are with you,” Morgan said. “My goal is to have a business that is run seamlessly and makes our clients happy.”

As a real estate professional and mom, building her team has also given Morgan a chance to bring together her two callings.

“I also have the time to have a more balanced life,” she said. “My goal is to answer the question, ‘How can I do all of it?’ How can I be a successful, present happy mom but also thrive in the real estate market and grow my company?”

Amber Morgan and Diana Janura, Director of Operations.

With help from a team that shares her dedication to real estate that focuses on the client, she is answering that question. “I just have the best job. Everyone loves it here,” Morgan said. Of course, she means that both in the sense that her team operates with joy for what they do, and that they serve a client base that is enamored with the Lowcountry as they are. “They want to live here and I’m selling people’s dreams to move here full time, retire, or get their first investment property,” she said.

Morgan is living her own dream even as she’s helping clients live theirs. Because real estate is a business of dreams. And with the right team around her, she is proving that the dream business is booming. 

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