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Jul 1, 2022

A New Dawn at COAST

Barry Kaufman

Photography By

Special to CH2/CB2 Magazine
Two of the island’s most iconic real estate professionals have created something entirely different, and they’re inviting the best and brightest to join them

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They say there’s nothing new under the sun. Every idea has been imagined, and every frontier has been conquered. They say there’s no room for innovation. 

But they haven’t been to the coast. 

If they did, landing on the shores of Coligny Beach and then taking a quick stroll up Pope Avenue, they’d find that two Realtors who play an outsized role in their Hilton Head Island home have completely changed the game by launching COAST Real Estate Professionals.

Between them, Rick Saba and Tristan O’Grady have nearly four decades of real estate experience. But most of you know them for something other than their day jobs—Saba as the front man of White Liquor or as a huge supporter of Hilton Head Humane, O’Grady as the long-time owner of Big Bamboo. Most of you just know them. It’s hard not to.

And with their new venture together, they are creating an entirely new model of real estate group. “We really want to attract the best agents to come work with us,” O’Grady said. “Part of that appeal will be the office location. On top of that, we’ve aligned ourselves with EXP.”

That second part will ring a bell if you’re in the trade. A departure from the traditional brokerage, EXP gives more power to the agent with income streams beyond the traditional commission. But even if you don’t buy or sell for a living, the appeal of their brand-new office is self-explanatory.

Enjoying an ideal location at the heart of the bustling Coligny district, the glass-fronted office doesn’t feel like a traditional real estate office. Boasting an updated coastal aesthetic and wide welcoming spaces, there’s an aura of excitement and new energy that surrounds it.

“It’s a beautiful space, for one, and we’ve designed it much more with the experience in mind, with group offices to foster collaboration,” O’Grady said.

That collaboration is key.

“We want an office with culture, with the highest ethical standards, and with everyone helping each other,” Saba said. What their helping each other create is a promise held in COAST’s slogan: exceptional representation. “Client service is our number one priority.”

Part of the success the team has enjoyed in the real estate field stems from the way they’ve become such a vital part of the island. But an even bigger part is the huge priority they place on giving each client the very best treatment. (In fact, during the interview for this story, Saba had to excuse himself to go speak with a client in need).

“If we can represent our client at the highest level, they’re going to come back. I’ve done 10 deals with one client,” O’Grady said. “We’re not in it for just one deal.”

“I get calls all the time, ‘Hey Rick, what dry cleaner do you use?’ I had a call this morning from a client who needed a patio guy,” Saba said. “It’s definitely not just about selling a house.”

With the launch of COAST, they’re looking for agents who share those ideals. And as incentives go, a beautiful new office and greater earning potential are pretty good tools to attract them. “We feel like if we fill the room with great personalities that produce, we’re all going to be better,” O’Grady said.

To find out more, email or better yet, stop by their new offices on Pope Avenue.

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