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Sep 29, 2022

Stone Restore by Doug Hoover and Roddy Lane: Ask your neighbors

Linda Hopkins

Photography By

Two Lights, One Stand
If there is one lesson many of us have learned the hard way, it is not to trust everything we read or see on the internet—especially those glowing reviews that are often incentivized, paid for, or downright fake. When looking for a professional to work in your home, it pays to come out of the digital world and ask around your neighborhood.

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This year, when my travertine floors and granite countertops needed attention, instead of relying on Google or “Angie,” I called a few local stone distributors to ask for a referral. Without hesitation, every single one immediately responded with one name: Doug Hoover. Hoover has since polished every floor in my home (and a bathroom countertop), and they look better than brand-new.

Hoover, a retired Marine and founder/owner of Stone Restore, has been in the flooring business since 2000, restoring stone full time in the Lowcountry since 2004. His business partner and now co-owner, Roddy Lane, also a former Marine, has been with him since 2008. With over 30 years’ combined experience in stone care, their reputation reverberates among the stone pros as well as elated customers on Hilton Head Island, in Bluffton and beyond.

What sets Stone Restore apart? 

It starts with a customer-centric approach and high level of commitment, which includes being on time, delivering on promises, and exceeding expectations. “I am the most punctual contractor you will find, with 100 percent customer satisfaction,” Hoover said, not bragging, but stating a well-established fact. They don’t have a crew. Hoover and Lane are doing the work themselves, making personalized service and quality control a given.

The big promise Hoover and Lane make to their customers besides showing up on time and making floors look better than new is a no-stress, no mess experience. “We educate our customers, so they know what to expect. And then it’s like magic. When we leave for the day, the furniture is exactly where it should be and the customer can see the result right away,” Hoover said.

Both Hoover and Lane say that job satisfaction is what drives their enthusiasm and work ethic. “You can’t really wrap your head around what we do to the floor and how it changes the entire home,” Lane said. “At the end of each day, we see the customer’s satisfaction and excitement. We’re changing their world, and that’s rewarding.”

If you’re interested, Hoover and Lane will explain their highly skilled diamond honing process in detail. They have the tools and products necessary along with the expertise and experience to give all your stone surfaces a glorious, hand-polished look that isn’t possible in the manufacturing process. They are happy to explain the whys and hows, but all you really need to know is who to trust.

Ask around.

For information or a free in-home consultation, call (843) 422-6799.

Real Customers, Real Reviews

“When our marble floors were first installed, I was very disappointed. The sealer that was applied made them look dull and cloudy. I placed several calls looking for someone to refinish them. Every call led to Doug Hoover. He took ownership of the floors and made them come alive. They look better than I ever imagined. Doug is a perfectionist in every way, from start to finish.”

—Deb Parlanti, Belfair

“I met and used Doug for the first time 10 years ago to polish and restore my floors, which are travertine and marble. Since that time, 17 of our 18 homeowners in South Shore Commons have used Doug and Roddy to polish and restore their floors, and all have been extremely satisfied. I sort of say Doug is a magician with these floors. He’s highly professional and dependable. He strives for customer satisfaction. His partner Roddy is also a pro, and they make a great team. I highly recommend them. I think they are the BEST.”

—Tom Coyle, President, Southshore Commons, Leamington

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