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Jan 31, 2024

Sit. Stay. Play! Red Rover celebrates 98 years as island’s top dogs (that’s 14 in human years).

Barry Kaufman

Photography By

Red Rover
For a fun day out with the young ones, all you have to do is round up the whole pack, two- and four-legged alike, and take them over to Red Rover.

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A common challenge for Hilton Head parents is “What’s something fun I can do with my kids that involves my pets?” A common solution is the beach – at least for most of the year. But it’s nice to have some variety from time to time.

For a fun day out with the young ones, all you have to do is round up the whole pack, two- and four-legged alike, and take them over to Red Rover. There, just past the luxury doggie dens where boarders sleep, past the grooming stations where pampered dogs are getting a haircut, you’ll find the DIY SPAW. 

It’s a given that both the kids and the dogs will have a great time. It’s one of the most under-the-radar activities for kids on the island, and it’s just part of the charm of Red Rover.

“We have the kids from Camp Leo come over every year to wash the dogs, and they have so much fun,” said Paige Grisette, owner of Red Rover. This annual visit is always a highlight for the campers, who demand to go back every year. Hilton Head Humane Association supplies the dogs, who need and deserve a dose of TLC. “And the kids have a great time,” Grisette said. “It’s a serious win-win.”

The kids don’t get to have all the fun. At Red Rover, there’s a staff of friendly, service-oriented experts building on Red Rover’s reputation as the island’s favorite SPAW. From the Double-Bubble SPAW Experience to thorough de-shedding and a la carte services from nail clips and Dremel to ear cleaning, there’s an entire menu of indulgent services that leave your dog looking and feeling like a true VID (very important dog).

That’s just the pampering that your pooch gets during an appointed service. If they stay for daily play care or a Red Rover sleepover, they’ll get an even grander experience, private rooms, orthopedic beds, filtered water and relaxing classical music and aromatherapy at night. During the day, they’ll play with other dog guests selected for their size and energy levels. 

That dedication to top-shelf service has set Red Rover apart over its 14 years. In fact, their reputation brought home some serious hardware this past year, having won Gold accolades for both boarding and play care, plus the Bronze for grooming, from people who live in Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head Island who voted in the 2023 edition of “Lowcountry’s Best.”

“I was thrilled when we found out. I was like a proud mama who had sent her children to the Olympics and welcomed them back as winners,” Grisette said. “I give full credit to our manager, assistant manager, and the entire team who work so hard to maintain our high standards, follow our processes, and stay true to our daily objective of safety and positive experiences.”

Whether pampering your pooch with their award-winning grooming or extending white-glove hospitality in their spacious boarding suites, the team at Red Rover gives each dog who trots in their door the VIP experience. And when you see the wagging tails and flapping tongues of the dogs sprinting across the indoor/outdoor play areas, you realize what that VIP experience means to the four-legged customers at Red Rover. 

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