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Mar 30, 2024


Cheryl Ricer

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Lisa Staff Photography
Moor Spa sanctuary provides fusion of ancient traditions with science

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Believe me when I tell you that I am a spa aficionado. Wherever in the world I find myself, I find a spa to visit because experiencing wellness is at the top of my list. So, from the moment I walked through the doors at Hilton Head’s Moor Spa, I knew this very well might be my new “place.” 

One reason is that Moor Spa offers a unique concept. 

“At Moor Spa Hilton Head, we believe in the power of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste to heal and rejuvenate,” said Deb Durrant, owner and licensed massage therapist. “Our highly skilled therapists offer a specialized treatment menu that focuses on Moor Spa Eartherapy experiences, providing a variety of textures and touches. As the first concept spa for Moor Spa, we are proud to offer ancient healing therapies still practiced in European clinics today.”

Hot Stone Massage with complimentary Tibetan singing bowl

Moor Spa’s signature ingredient is Austrian deep moor, a rare form of nutrient-rich peat. Moor is created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants, and flowers that have been permanently submerged under water or underground. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a “ripening” process over many thousands of years into a rich black substance, resulting in an herbal complex with wonderful therapeutic properties.

Moor has been a part of traditional medical folklore throughout many parts of Central Europe for centuries. During the past 60 years, a wealth of clinical studies conducted on moor therapy has confirmed that moor indeed possesses a wide range of beneficial properties. As a result, hundreds of European physicians now use and recommend moor treatments.

Removing Austrian Mud with Vicchy shower beneficial for skin exfoliation

Visually, the Moor Spa aesthetic encourages serenity. Upon entering the space, my eyes were immediately soothed. Everything in the lobby was light, bright, and arranged symmetrically – the front windows, the hand and foot treatment lounge chairs, even the beautifully arranged shelves where turquoise and white skin care products were artfully displayed. 

There was also an aroma of tranquility. My first reaction was, “Oooooooo!” which I directed to the lovely Myleah, who offered me a tray full of cards. 

Myleah invited me to randomly pull one or two cards, which she said would help me set an intention for my upcoming experience. I pulled two cards. The first read, “I will keep an open mind and not judge,” and the second, “To find beauty in everything.” 

At that point, I might have already been smitten, and we were only just getting started. In perfect timing, the therapist who would be administering my Vichy experience appeared. “I’m Bahiyyih, or simply B,” she said, smiling. I followed her to the lounge where I would wait while she prepared my treatment. I would have followed her anywhere. 

Himalyan salt hand and foot detox. It feels amazing and yes, spa clients have been known to fall asleep!

First stop, though, was to change out of my street clothes into the softest and most luxurious robe and slippers in the history of spa robes and slippers. Then, the lounge was ideal for settling in and enjoying a complimentary cup of tea, some orange-infused water, and a light snack, while peaceful sights and sounds of the world’s most beautiful places played on a big screen. 

When B reappeared, she led me to the Vichy room. Vichy showers use both pressure and temperature to induce relaxation and promote lymphatic drainage and enhanced circulation. There, I experienced the salt glow body scrub with aromatherapy. B’s application was sheer perfection, and as my tension was sloughed away, my newly glowing skin emerged. After a hand-held rinse, B applied the famous Austrian moor, then pulled the Vichy shower over me and turned on the warm steam. For the next 15 minutes, the mud worked its magic, and B worked some more of hers with a scalp massage. Once thoroughly steamed, I experienced the bliss that is the Vichy shower, where all the mud and even more stress was washed away. 

Now I was ready for my massage. I opted for a traditional effleurage massage, which induces relaxation and pure rejuvenation, leaving my muscles restored and refreshed and feeling replenished. 

Finally, because my face must match my body, the beautiful Elise administered an Eartherapy Signature Facial, an anti-aging and antioxidant treatment that is soothing, nourishing, and, yes, even lifting! The luxurious sensation of the Rose Quartz and Gua Sha Ritual, the amazing products, and more aromatherapy offered a remarkable transformation, improving micro-circulation, increasing blood flow, and relieving tension, blockages, and puffiness, all while purifying my skin of toxins. It was exquisite. 

At the end of my self-care day, Deb met me back in the lobby with a wine glass filled with the signature Moor Water and a taste of the signature Moor Indulgence chocolate bar. What a treat. I learned that, along with applying the moor onto my skin, ingesting the moor directly into my gastrointestinal tract facilitates even more therapeutic benefits. Now, I was SURE I was in love!! 

Halo Therapy also known as dry salt therapy, infrared heat and chromo therapy (a three in one sauna). Holistic, natural therapy to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sound sleep, improved physical fitness and overall wellness.

As amazing as it was, what I experienced in my first visit to Moor Spa Hilton Head doesn’t even touch the surface of what remains. The treatments are too many to mention, the products are too plentiful, and there are even classes – yoga, sound meditation, nutrition, and more. As well, three different levels of memberships are available. Suffice to say that I’ll be back, again and again.

“Fusion is at the foundation of our philosophy, and that allows us to integrate ancient traditions with the most current technology, bringing our clients the very best therapies in a holistic approach to wellness and self-care,” Deb said. “Our mission is to educate, provide a service, guide people toward lifestyles that enhance well-being, and promote the importance of self-care rituals for men and women. It is our privilege to share this unique and special experience with our guests.” 

To experience for yourself why Moor is better, book online at, call (843) 681-6060, or stop by for a visit at 4 Dunmore Court, Suite 300. 

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