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May 31, 2024

Lowcountry Lawyers

Celebrate Hilton Head Magazine

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A guide to a few of our Lowcountry Lawyers

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Bannon Law Group, LLC

When Jim and Meredith Bannon first came up with the idea of combining their two areas of expertise into a single law firm, they were the first to admit that it was hardly a natural fit.

“It doesn’t make sense that we’re together as a practice other than we’re married,” Jim said. 

The Bannon Law Group makes more sense than simple convenience. With their focus on client satisfaction, Jim and Meredith have made an odd combination work. 

With Jim focusing on criminal defense and Meredith serving the real estate community, there was no playbook for creating a law firm that handled two such wildly diverse client bases. And yet, like the first time some intrepid candymaker first brought together peanut butter and chocolate, the sum total of their brilliance wound up being worth more than the sum of their parts.

They were immediately embraced by the Lowcountry, particularly in Bluffton where their quirky sense of humor made them right at home. After serving the community as assistant solicitors for years, Jim and Meredith realized a need in the Bluffton community for their unique brand of practicing law. This is, after all, the law firm that used such colorful slogans pointing out how they can cover you “from the big house to your dream house” and “From ROI to DUI.” 

With much of Jim’s business coming from across the river, an expansion into Savannah was the natural next step. Running dual offices for the past several years, the Bannons have struck the right balance of service and legal knowledge. This success got the wheels turning on other local areas that needed the Bannon touch. 

“We’ve had such a positive response in Bluffton and Savannah, we thought we could bring our unique skills to Charleston,” Meredith said. “There is so much overlap with people moving into all three of our cities that this growth happened organically.”

Their new office opened earlier this year, boasting the same dual dedication to criminal defense and real estate law, with attorney Kimberly Glass helping Meredith serve residential and commercial real estate clients. 

“People are moving to the Hilton Head Island, Charleston, Savannah areas every day,” Meredith said. “This market has been really good to us, and this summer is shaping up to be even better. I think everyone’s waiting for property values to slow down, but there’s nothing to indicate that’s happening. We live in the best area of the country and other people are taking notice.”

It’s a well-deserved expansion of a legal practice that shouldn’t work, yet somehow does. And as the Bannons have proven, it not only works, it thrives. Today, the Bannon empire stretches across two state lines. Who knows where this dynamic couple will set their sights on next?

“We still have our focus on Bluffton,” Meredith said. “That’s our home.”

Bannon Law Group,LLC, 10 Westbury Park Way, Ste. A, Blufftonm SC 29910 (843) 815-4505,



Butler & College, LLC

Ashely Brown

Tom McNutt

Natalia Chandler

At Butler & College, LLC, we focus our practice on helping businesses, individuals, and families with their real estate and estate planning needs in a manner that is honest, affordable, and customer oriented. Our firm has eight convenient locations stretching from Calabash, N.C. to Bluffton, S.C.

Owners Ryan Butler, Andrew College, Ashley Brown, and Frances Reindollar believe our team should be with you from contract to closing. Though many of our clients never see us except for the day they sign their closings documents, it is important to understand how much your real estate closing attorney is working for you behind the scenes. From researching your title and ensuring the closing documents have been executed, Ashley, Natalia, and the Bluffton team make sure things go smoothly on closing day.

In addition to handling real estate transactions, attorney Natalia Chandler is an experienced litigator. She can assist with minor criminal matters and family law related issues.

Tom McNutt is the estate planning attorney for the Bluffton location. He knows that no matter where you are in your life’s journey, you have undoubtedly worked hard to build your personal and financial legacies. You worry about what would happen to your family if you were to become disabled or pass away. When you create an estate plan with Tom, you can worry less. Butler & College offers free estate planning consultations so you will know your options and how much it will cost before you commit.

152 State Street, Suite 201 Bluffton, SC 29910, (843) 277-6220,



Hale & Hale, P.A.

Hale & Hale P.A. is a multi-service law firm with strong Lowcountry roots, having served the area since 1991. Backed by a highly efficient team, this firm is spearheaded by Rebecca Hale, who grew up in Greenville, but has been in the Lowcountry almost 40 years. 

One of the many things that sets Hale & Hale apart is their team approach. This is, to hear them tell it, a “firm family,” working in tandem to provide legal representation. As the newest member of the team, associate attorney Taylor Clary was welcomed into the family four months ago. 

“I appreciate the power of the team approach. Together, we combine our unique skills, knowledge, and experiences to tackle challenges and serve our clients effectively,” Clary said. “Collaboration not only enhances our work but also fosters a supportive and dynamic office environment, which I so value.”  As a Bluffton native, Clary understands the unique intricacies of local real estate and is committed to providing legal services tailored to meet their clients’ individual needs.

This tight-knit team covers a variety of practice areas including real estate, business, probate, and estate planning. At Hale & Hale, they strive to make your real estate transactions seamless as they assist you in navigating the process. They also endeavor to provide efficient estate planning and probate administration at a reasonable cost.

Additionally, Hale & Hale knows how to give back to the community by volunteering and providing pro bono services. Every month, money from each real estate closing is contributed to a different local charity.

Hale & Hale P.A. is conveniently located in Moss Creek and has a satellite office in Okatie near Sun City (by appointment only). To learn more, call (843) 837-3000.


Hale & Hale, P.A., 1533 Fording Island Rd., Suite 294, Moss Creek Village, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926,  (843) 837-3000,

Akins Law Firm

In an age that has seen law firms balloon in size to nationwide proportions, there is a certain comfort in knowing your attorney is not just an employee of a massive corporation. There is a lot more comfort in knowing your attorney has been a valued member of the community for several decades, trusted not only by clients but by his peers in the legal community.

When one calls Akins Law Firm, Dale Akins might be the one answering the phone. If you can trust an attorney to answer the phone, you can trust him to be there when you need him, and that is precisely what an attorney should do – be there.

Being there for clients is what drove Dale Akins to “put on the white hat” as he calls it, moving to personal injury and employment law after starting his career under a much darker hat.

“I was an insurance defense lawyer for a brief period until I saw how messed up everything was,” he said. Realizing that he was part of a machine built to protect the powerful against their own negligence and carelessness, he turned his allegiance to the victims, not only focusing on personal injury and employment law but also civil rights and product liability.  

Now, he does battle with insurance companies almost daily.

He has taken on high-profile cases and has successfully litigated against powerhouse defendants such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Walmart, and Home Depot.

“I tell people we are one step above the dentist or undertaker,” he said with a laugh. “Nobody goes to an attorney because they want to; they come to us because they must. And if I can give people hope or relief, it is all worthwhile. It is very rewarding to help people find some measure of compensation after serious injury or death.”

Dale Akins’ story is simply one about an attorney who saw the light and began helping people fight the system that wronged them, and it is one that is told with every client for whom he helps achieve results.

Akins Law Firm, LLC, 6 Johnston Way, Unit A 2nd Floor, Bluffton, South Carolina, (843) 757-7574,,

Liberty Oak Law Firm

A good attorney is able to help you in myriad ways, using their knowledge of the labyrinth that is the legal system to help you navigate your way to the best possible outcome. And that’s ultimately their job – not litigating, not arguing, but helping you.

“That’s the most important part of what we do, whether it be the real estate team supporting clients with purchasing or selling probably the largest asset they’ll ever own, or on the litigation side where our client is enduring an unpleasant experience they didn’t volunteer for,” said Kori Brett McKeithan. 

As owner of Liberty Oak Law Firm, McKeithan focuses on the real estate side of this dynamic law firm, steering clients through transactions involving homes and condos to boats slips and equity lines of credit. Her husband, Joseph DuBois, leads the litigation side of the firm, representing clients who have been injured in automobile accidents, on the job, or due to medical malpractice, as well as those who have suffered from nursing home abuse. 

It’s a varied practice built on a foundation of service and clear, honest communication.

“Good legal service, in my opinion, starts with good customer service. We answer all phone calls typically on the first ring,” McKeithan said. “If the paralegal doesn’t know the answer an attorney will pick up the line and discuss with the client. We also answer emails the same day they are received. We are dedicated to supporting clients through these momentous times by helping them traverse the legalities and land safely on the other side.”   

71 Lighthouse Road, Suite 230, Hilton Head Island SC 29928, (843) 671-5550,



Goodman Law, LLC

What is your area of practice? Family law and personal injury.

Tell us about your most memorable case. Early in my career I was appointed to represent clients that were facing termination of parental rights, which I have since done many, many times. In this case there were significant language and culture barriers, but it was clear that the clients should not lose their children. At the end of trial, the clients were able to keep their children and I still see them from time to time, happy and healthy. I’m not a magician or superhero, and I didn’t do something others can’t, but it was a big win for justice and for me has always represented the impact I can have on families in my community, one case at a time. 

Is there a person in your life that inspired you to practice law? My parents have always told me I would be a lawyer, oftentimes if I was arguing with them. I’m certain that it was challenging to parent me at times, but they always encouraged me to lean into my strengths, and advocating zealously is in my DNA. 

If you were to take on a second career, what would it be? A party planner. I love to host parties and I believe it plays an important part in our lives with family and friends. 

Give us some advice, based on your experience in the field. (Could be on anything!)    Always be true to yourself, fight for what you want, you can choose the lawyer you want to be and it’s okay if that changes over time.  

When not at the office, we can find you… At my children’s sporting events, on the boat, in my garden, on the beach. 

When you escape the Lowcountry for a vacation, where do you head? To my favorite place, my family’s beach house. 

5796 Guilford Place, Bluffton, SC 29910, 843-277-3902,







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