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Feb 2, 2020

Get Back in Touch with Your Best Self at BenchMark® Physical Therapy

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What does it mean to be your best self? The vision this question evokes may vary according to your individual lifestyle and goals. But chances are the one thing not included in that picture is physical distress. Yet many of us are putting up with nagging aches and pains, balance and mobility issues, or other physical limitations that prevent us from showing up for life at our best. If that’s you, BenchMark Physical Therapy can help.

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“Many times, we associate physical therapy with having had an injury or surgery. Sometimes we lose sight of other uses—for example, if your balance is off or your stamina has decreased. You don’t have to be injured to benefit from physical therapy,” Leah Woods, BenchMark PT Regional Vice President said.

Rehabilitating people from injury and surgery is a big part of what they do at BenchMark PT, of course, but they also provide preventive care with an emphasis on overall well-being, helping reduce fall risks and possibly postponing or eliminating the need for surgery. Preventive appointments may reveal an underlying alignment, mobility or strength issue that the patient hasn’t been able to pinpoint—like a muscle imbalance or compromised range of motion. “It’s not always pain that brings people in, but the feeling that something is not right. It’s important to address these issues early,” Woods said.

The BenchMark Difference
From the company’s name to its mission statement, precisely defined values, and overall philosophy of care, BenchMark PT sets the standard by which exceptional physical therapy services can be measured—a standard that informs everything they do every day, from hiring highly trained physical therapists to encouraging continuing education, offering minority ownership options, and, of course, going the extra mile for each individual patient.

BenchMark PT’s physical therapists are committed to provide measurably superior physical therapy, and that happens through a culture of caring and connection. They take time to know you and understand what you need and want to accomplish as well as educate you regarding the treatment process.

Meet the Benchmark Therapy Team Monique Cox PT, DPT (top left), Leann Ventriglia PT, DPT (top right), and Emily Getz PT, DPT, OCS (front row).

Meet the Benchmark Therapy Team
Monique Cox PT, DPT (top left), Leann Ventriglia PT, DPT (top right), and Emily Getz PT, DPT, OCS (front row).

“Active listening is a big part of what we do,” Woods said. “There is an emotional and mental aspect to healing. Just because you are here for something physical doesn’t mean that those other two realms aren’t impacted. Taking the time to explain what’s going on and letting patients know that what they are feeling or experiencing is not unusual is beneficial in helping them understand that they’re not alone.”

Whether they are injured for the first time or have been living with pain for years, according to Woods, many patients say that no one else has taken time to listen to their story or what they’ve been through. “We place emphasis on each individual and understanding what makes them who they are, why they are where they are now, and how we can help get them back where they want to be,” she said. “Our sessions vary in length based on each individual’s needs. We have the ability to spend time with someone—to watch them develop and improve in whatever area they are working on and to walk with them every step of that journey.”

BenchMark PT is also in the unique position to offer the most advanced treatment options for each patient. Specialties include manual physical therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and dry needling, among others. Services include arthritis management, hand therapy, orthopedics, sports performance, sports rehab, pre-/post-surgical rehabilitation, vestibular rehab, LSVT-BIG (for Parkinson’s patients), and more.

“We are focused on meeting each individual’s needs,” Woods said. “Just because you have been given the same diagnosis or had the same surgery as someone else doesn’t mean that you are going to need the exact same rehab. It has to be specific to you and your goals. So, we are making sure that it’s not just an umbrella of cookie-cutter exercises.”

Further setting BenchMark PT apart is the convenience of early or late appointment times. “That affords us the opportunity to meet patients where they are without being a burden. When you’re in pain or you’ve had a surgery or you have a reason to be at physical therapy, if you have to miss work, it oftentimes adds undue stress. We try to be available at times when patients can come before or after work so it’s not interfering with their ability to continue with their life from that standpoint,” Woods explained.

If pain or an injury is affecting your lifestyle or if you’ve simply noticed that you are not moving or functioning as well as you once did, BenchMark PT can help you get back in touch with the best version of yourself. Call today for a complimentary screening.

BenchMark Physical Therapy is located at 1017 Fording Island Rd., Suite F in Bluffton and at 386 D Mark Cumming Rd., Suite 102 in Okatie. For more information, visit To schedule an appointment in Bluffton, call (843) 815-2563; for Okatie, call (843) 208-2272.

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