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Andrew Ambler, owner of N-Hance

Dec 2, 2020

The New Face of Kitchens: N-Hance offers two cost-saving solutions for putting a fresh face on your cabinets.

Barry Kaufman

Photography By

M.Kat Photography
All year, you tried your best not to look at your dreary, dated kitchen cabinets. With lockdown, it got even harder. Suddenly you found yourself housebound, the entire world now shrunk to the space within your four walls.

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And you got to work.

You patched that crack in the drywall that had always been bugging you. You redid your landscaping where centipede grass had gradually taken over the beds. You bought new linens to freshen up your bedroom. You painted that guest room, removing that godawful tangerine tone left by the previous owner.

And you did all of this while trying not to look at the one biggest item on your honey-do list, the one task that would do the most to liven up your space. A full kitchen remodel just wasn’t in the cards, not this year. Not with, as we keep being told, so much uncertainty.

Until one day that was all that was left on your list. You’d done everything you could to make your home more beautiful and livable, and the only thing remaining where those tired, drab, peeling cabinets. And on that day, you were given some good news. You didn’t need to remodel your entire kitchen to banish those ugly cabinets from your sight.

You just needed to call N-Hance. And from the sounds of it, you were not alone.

“We’ve actually been really busy. We’ve had to expand our operation a little bit to meet the demand,” said Andrew Ambler, owner of N-Hance. “Generally speaking, people are staying at home. They didn’t spend money on vacations, so they’re spending it to update their homes.”

And they’re not spending much. The beauty of what N-Hance offers is that it lets you completely transform your kitchen without having to deal with the hassle and expense of a full kitchen remodel. The simplest and easiest method is restoration, which takes the dated stain finish of your cabinets and renders them like new with a fresh coat of paint.

“You can give an older set of cabinets a like-new factory finish with a fresh coat of paint,” said Ambler. “It’s the most cost-effective way to transform your kitchen, and it can be done in a matter of days.”

But if you really want to give your kitchen a fresh new look (or if you hate your existing cabinet doors no matter what their finish looks like) N-Hance also offers a full refacing. While still far less expensive and time consuming than a full kitchen remodel, refacing entails completely replacing your cabinet doors. This not only lets you full customize the style and color of your cabinets, it gives the entire space the feeling of a fully updated custom kitchen.

“Refacing would be a much more complete updated, particularly if you have older door styles,” said Ambler. “If you’ve been doing a lot of updating throughout the home this year, refacing really lets you tie your home’s design together.”

And N-Hance has been doing more and more of these simple and painless kitchen transformations, particularly this year. One national trend that was already underway before the pandemic, but picked up steam as the year rolled on, was the number of northeastern transplants making their way to our island.

“The people moving down are not just your typical retirees. The recent trend is you have more people moving here who have the ability to work from home and have income because they’re still working,” said Ambler. “And they’re not used to moving into a house with 1980s or 1990s cabinets.”

So whether you’ve been a Lowcountry resident and are sick of looking at your dated cabinets, or you’re one of our many newcomers who wants to transform your new space, you don’t have to put yourself through a full kitchen remodel. Just call N-Hance and find out how the simplest solution could have the biggest impact.
“You’re spending a lot of time at home,” said Ambler. “So you really want to make it your own private oasis.” 

Call N-Hance at (843) 715-8420 or visit

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