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Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services

May 6, 2020

Superior Services expands from heating and air to serve as a one-stop shop for your home

Barry Kaufman

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In its natural state, air expands to fill a space. That’s just science. They say that nature abhors a vacuum, but air loves it; if air finds a spot where it’s needed, it will rush right in to fill it.

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About a year ago, Superior Heating & Air saw a vacuum. “Once we develop that relationship with a customer and earn their trust, it was a shame for us not be able to handle anything else that they need,” owner David Miller said. “Really it was about trying to do more for our customers.” Which allowed them to evolve into
Superior Services.

For 21 years, Superior built its reputation for fast honest service, fair pricing and outright wizardry when it came to A/C repair. Superior Heating and Air expanded and rechristened itself Superior Services to better reflect their wider array of offerings. To begin with, they still offer their full range of heating and air services including repairs, installation and 24/7 service. To that you can add … well, almost everything you might need.

There’s water and fire damage remediation, helping clean up after a disaster so you can get your life back on track. There’s mold remediation and duct cleaning, built on the company’s deep understanding of the South’s contentious relationship with moisture in the air. There’s carpet cleaning, utilizing advanced HEPAfiltration technology. There are even electrical and plumbing services as the need arrives, all backed by a Superior “117% satisfaction guarantee.”

“We are now a complete turnkey service provider, by focusing on the systems that bring a home or business to life” Miller said.

Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services

Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services

And in times like these, when we’re more cognizant than ever of whom we allow into our homes, it’s nice to know you can have it all handled with one call. “It allows you to coordinate and streamline multiple services at once and cuts off those nagging questions like ‘is this company going to show up,’ or ‘is this other company going to be late and delay this work getting done.’ This way, we’re a one-stop shop, and you know they’re going to be accountable.”

Keeping the number of people in your house to a minimum is crucial during the era of COVID-19, and Superior has responded to the crisis by offering whole-home or business sanitization for the virus. Utilizing the same equipment they use for mold remediation, Miller says it’s actually easier to rid a house of COVID-19 using their process than it is ridding it of mold. “Mold likes to hide,” he said.

That’s on top of the whole range of services they now offer as Superior Services that can help you feel like your home is a healthy place to live. It’s rather like having one physician you trust rather than a dozen specialists you might not. “The whole house is like a system. And you want a healthy system. Cleaning duct work, sanitizing the air, cleaning the carpets … hit all those things and you have a healthy home.”

And once we’re through the worst of this crisis, Superior Services will still offer everything your home needs to not only offer a healthy place to live, but one that runs smoothly with minimal effort on your part. “We’re currently working on whole-home memberships, so once or twice a year we come out, check the plumbing, the electrical, the A/C, the appliances—the whole healthy home solution.”

Superior’s mantra is “Make the Superior Choice.” For 21 years, Superior Services has built relationships all over the Lowcountry, and on the strength of those relationships, they’ve built a reputation for their dedication to getting it done right, for a fair price and in a way that leaves customers knowing they made the “Superior Choice.” It’s that dedication that they’ve brought to a whole host of new services, expanding far beyond their original specialization in heating and air.

After all, that’s what air does. It expands.

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Superior Stimulus
During these trying times, some of the hardest-hit businesses have been our local restaurants. Superior Services is committed to the local community by offering new and existing customers $25 restaurant gifts cards for every $500 spent on new replacements and repairs. Good through June 30, these gift cards aren’t just a great perk for new customers; they are a way to help out partner restaurants on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton. Just mention the deal at the time of service, and then fill up knowing you’re helping out businesses in need!

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