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Dec 2, 2020

Service You Can Count On: Kelca Counters celebrates 20 years of rock-solid reliability in creating beautiful kitchens

Celebrate Hilton Head Magazine

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M.Kat Photography
In the year 2000, Michael Kelca was forced to make a complete change in careers when he was employed by an area quartz distributor as controller, and the only option of compensation was to trade some slabs for salary owed. Prior to this, Michael had always worked in corporate finance, traveling the country auditing various mills and manufacturers. The countertop world was one that he found intriguing. He has a natural talent for art and creating and loves a good day of hard work. To turn slabs into countertops and other surfaces was a challenge he welcomed. He was determined to make lemonade out of sour grapes!

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His wife Sheila then came onboard with a background in management, marketing, and interior design to grow the business. What has set Kelca Counters apart is the skill and artistry they bring to every project.

“We look at ourselves as craftsmen, and that makes a difference with our builders and homeowners,” Michael said. “We go one-on-one with the builder or the homeowner, whether it’s a $2 million home or a smaller villa. We give them all the same attention to detail.”

With Michael and Sheila’s individual skills and a focus on craftsmanship as a foundation, the business grew. “One important aspect of this is that we have always looked for employees that have the same vision and passion as we do, treating each like family and having retained many of our employees for many years,” Sheila said.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a time in which the business has expanded as much as it has in the past three years. Apart from working on a massive new housing development in Hardeeville and expanding its commercial operations, there is the fact that the Lowcountry is in the middle of a massive influx of new residents, and they all want to update their homes!

“Our number one source of marketing has always been word of mouth,” Sheila said. “We work really hard to establish a great relationship with each client, treating them as we would like to be treated. Many customers come in and state that they were given our name by a friend or realtor. We have also had many clients with multiple home projects for us. And for a little humor, we have completed work for the sale of a property and then gotten to meet the new owners only to tear out the new counters! We always strive to present the best price, best quality, and best customer service as well as products that work for their best interest.”

“I always try to educate our customers on stone,” Michael said. “Then we try to figure out their application. If you have a rental on the beach and you know renters are going to abuse it, let’s put in some low-maintenance engineered stone. It won’t stain, and it will take a beating vs. a high-end marble, for example.”

They also value vendor relationships and have worked diligently over the years to maintain those so they may offer best quality for price. They pride themselves in having the largest variety of man-made materials on the market and work with distributors all over the U.S. “Over the last five years, our tile selections have also increased tremendously. For many clients, a one-stop shop is important and helps to simply the process,” Michael said. That’s right—they sell everything and the kitchen sink!

“I think our success can completely be attributed to the mercy and grace of God,” Sheila said. “We have always turned blessings into praise and owe Him for everything we are and have!”

You can raise a glass of fresh lemonade to that!

For more information, visit or call (843) 815-7796.

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