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Sep 6, 2020

Peak Performance Fitness Center

Linda Hopkins

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M.KAT Photography
Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned fitness fanatic, it’s never too soon or too late to reach for a new peak.

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Tired of exercising and not seeing the payoff? Maybe you’re new to working out and feeling insecure. Or perhaps you are an athlete who is striving to up your game. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, if you’re not reaching your goals or are not sure how, it’s time to hightail it over to Peak Performance Fitness Center in Port Royal Plaza for a new kind of exercise experience—one that focuses on your specific needs and gets you the results you’re after.

“Some people see the name ‘Peak Performance’ and think we are only training athletes here or that it’s only for the young,” owner and veteran trainer Christina Lindstedt said. “Nothing could be further from the truth. Each person has their own potential, their own goals, and their own peak.”

At Peak Performance, the name of the game is life, and fitness is about the quality of everyday living. “An activity of daily living for one person might be getting through the day without being in pain,” Lindstedt explained. “The next person’s ADL might be going out on a sports field and playing well. Even people who are not the top-notch athletes but are recreational players want to be able to play better and feel good afterwards. And who doesn’t want to look and feel their best?”

Different by design
Peak Performance offers two workout options: personal training and small group fitness, by appointment/reservation only. The non-membership-based business model allows clients to purchase services á la carte or at a package rate and use them as desired without worry about forfeiting the investment when out of town or unable to attend.

The vibe is decidedly different, too, in that no one is competing for cardio equipment, loitering by the weight machines, or exercising willy-nilly on their own. At any given time, everyone present is engaged in a private, focused workout with an individual trainer or is participating in a small group fitness class (the current max is four participants and one trainer).

The personal nature of the workouts at Peak Performance Fitness also ensures that you don’t get injured. Whether you are training for a sport, trying to drop a few pounds, preparing for or recovering from a surgery, nursing an injury, or working on your functional strength and balance, working with someone who has knowledge and experience in performing exercises and proper use of equipment greatly reduces your risk of hurting yourself. Your trainer will also tailor your workout plan to meet your goals and make sure you enjoy the process.

“I designed PPFC to have a small, intimate feel but yet offer the social aspect to a degree,” Lindstedt said, pointing out the ease of fitting in. “You don’t have to dress a certain way or be at any certain level of fitness to participate. Because we don’t have the high numbers here, we have the setup so that you don’t need to feel intimidated. We plan your program to meet your individual needs.”

Clientele includes a broad range of ages (10 to 90-plus!) and fitness levels (beginner to advanced). And because of the high degree of education and professionalism among the staff, Peak Performance is the perfect bridge for physical therapy patients who are transitioning out of PT but may need the continued support of a qualified, experienced physical trainer.

Cleanliness & safety
So, let’s address the elephant in the room. How safe is it to work out at PPFC? “First and foremost, we are not a gym; we are a fitness center,” Lindstedt said. “And because of our unique business model, social distancing is easy. We don’t have tourists walking in off the streets. Our platform has allowed this business to grow and be well during these trying times.”

In addition, Lindstedt and her team are doing everything they can to ensure the ongoing health and wellness of their clients and co-workers by closely following CDC guidelines and adhering to all state and local mandates. A small reception desk at the door is health-check headquarters; you’ll need to mask up, sanitize your hands, and have your temperature taken before entering. Once you are in, you won’t see a fingerprint or a sweat-streaked mirror. “We’re obsessed with wiping everything down,” Lindstedt said. “If you come in and see how everything is spaced out … we have good airflow, and everything is constantly cleaned and sanitized with the best professional viral disinfectant product available.”

And for those clients who remain uncomfortable coming to the facility to workout in person, virtual classes including bootcamp, guts and glutes, golf fit and more are available via Zoom. 

Peak Performance Fitness is located at 95 Mathews Dr., Suite 3-4 in the Port Royal Shopping Center on Hilton Head Island. For more information, call (843) 715-0540 or visit

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