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Jan 31, 2023

Notes from Mayor Lisa Sulka

Lisa Sulka

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Two Lights, One Stand
Blueprint Bluffton With another year ahead of us, we will be completing many of our capital projects and more. One item that is important to any town is an update of the comprehensive plan. Many residents are not sure how towns in South Carolina operate, and this plan is a major tool. Starting in late […]

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Blueprint Bluffton

With another year ahead of us, we will be completing many of our capital projects and more. One item that is important to any town is an update of the comprehensive plan. Many residents are not sure how towns in South Carolina operate, and this plan is a major tool.

Starting in late 2020, Bluffton began a process to develop its next comprehensive plan, appropriately named Blueprint Bluffton, which we adopted last month. A blueprint represents a vision. It assumes a plan of action that, taken together and in the right sequence, leads to a desired outcome. Similarly, effective community planning requires coordinated action or investment. These steps are incremental, but collectively drive the town in the direction desired by the community.

Blueprint Bluffton is intended to guide decision making for the next 10 years. The plan presents broad direction for where and how the town should invest over this horizon. The goals, strategies, and recommendations are the product of a community-wide conversation, culminating in 2022.

The State of South Carolina requires comprehensive plans to include nine topical sections and a tenth focused on implementation and priority investments. Blueprint Bluffton assigns a broad goal to each section and a series of targeted objective statements to focus the plan’s recommendations.

Public engagement is an essential component of the comprehensive planning process and the long-term success of the plan. Several methods of community outreach and engagement were utilized in this process to reach as many residents and stakeholders as possible.

Bluffton’s planning processes have helped shaped our town every step of the way. This process was important because it gave everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas. This updated comprehensive plan helps us view our town’s future from 50,000 feet to ensure we have analyzed all the town’s components and how they interrelate as we aspire to thoughtfully grow so that Bluffton preserves its spirit, essence and quality of life.

Bluffton has nearly twice as many residents as it did in 2010, and population growth has a domino effect on numerous parts of the community. Blueprint Bluffton will address these areas, including transportation, housing, land use, parks and recreation, as well as preservation of the natural and cultural resources that characterize the town.

The adopted version of Blueprint Bluffton is located on the town’s website

Do Your Part to Help Stop Crime

It is sad that people don’t respect other people’s property. We all need to be vigilant in helping watch out for our neighbors, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, it is also important to make a call to our police to register this information. You never know what investigation may be going on, and information that may seem unimportant could be the lead our men and women in blue need. Please read below and learn how you can play a part in keeping crime down in our town.

Recently, the Town of Bluffton has experienced a spike in catalytic converter thefts. The Bluffton Police Department is working diligently to catch the thieves responsible for these incidents, but in the meantime we would like to remind everyone to remain vigilant. We would also like pass along some ideas for deterring thieves and keeping vehicles secure.

Catalytic converter thefts:

  • If possible, keep all vehicles in a physically secure enclosed location (garage, shed, enclosed carport, etc.).
  • If it is not possible to keep vehicles in a physically secure enclosed location, security cameras are encouraged. Most cameras are inexpensive and offer good quality video with options to send alerts to your phone.
  • If secured locations and cameras are not feasible, ensure that the area where vehicles are kept is well lit.
  • Always report any suspicious activity to the police.

Vehicle break-ins:

  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle overnight. This includes cash, firearms, portable electronics, prescription medication, credit cards, jewelry, and any identification documents.
  • Always lock your doors and make sure all windows are rolled up.
  • Never leave your keys inside the vehicle overnight—even if it’s parked in the garage.
  • Always report any suspicious activity to the police.

Report items stolen: 

  • Many times, when people notice that something in their vehicle has been stolen, it is not reported to the police because it may seem minor or more of a hassle to wait and file a report. We encourage anyone who notices something that was taken from their vehicle to contact the Bluffton Police Department. This will help officers potentially track down and locate the suspect and retrieve your belongings.
  • Contact our non-emergency line at (843) 524-2777. Please keep this number and share it with neighbors.
  • Try to obtain serial numbers or other identifiable markings on stolen items. If a wallet is stolen, be sure to cancel any credit cards as quickly as possible.
  • Finally, if you see something, say something.

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