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Marcia Cornell, Betty Owen, Iris Christ, Sue Gordon

Feb 2, 2020

Musicians in Bathrooms featuring A Quartet from The Hilton Head Shore Notes

Celebrate Hilton Head Magazine

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Featuring A Quartet from The Hilton Head Shore Notes

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Band: A Quartet from The Hilton Head Shore Notes
Musicians: Marcia Cornell, Betty Owen, Iris Christ, Sue Gordon

What’s your sign?
Marcia Cornell: Aries (but I want to say “Singer on Board”—some of the Shore Notes have a large magnet with this on the side of their cars).
Betty Owen: Gemini, but I’d rather say… “STOP! In the Name of Love!”
Iris Christ: Taurus
Sue Gordon: Sagittarius

Most underrated song that, in your opinion, should be a classic?
MC: “Best Seat in the House,” by Barry Manilow
BO: “Fields of Gold,” by Eva Cassidy
IC: Everything by Bonnie Raitt
SG: “Summertime, Summertime,” by the Jamies

Biggest compliment you’ve ever gotten from a fan?
MC: “Can I hire you for our party?”
BO: “I felt like you were singing just to me.”
IC: “I come all the way from Atlanta to this Christmas event every year and look forward to hearing you sing.”
SG: “Do you hire out?”

What do you sing in the shower?
MC: Nothing. I sing in my car!
BO: I don’t sing in the shower, but my chorus sounds great in the locker room at the Country Club of Hilton Head.
IC: I practice my new songs—nothing consistent.
SG: I don’t sing in the shower.

Favorite cereal?
MC: Oatmeal piled high with nuts and fruit
BO: I don’t eat cereal, but when I was a kid I loved Frosted Flakes. They’re Grrrrrreat!
IC: Oatmeal
SG: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

What is your favorite piece to perform?
MC: “Mary, Did You Know?”
BO: I love singing “One Fine Day,” but any four-part harmony song with my chorus, the Hilton Head Shore Notes, or my quartet, 4 the Moment, is my favorite song at that moment in time!
IC: “And So It Goes,” by Billy Joel
SG: “Rhythm of Life”

At what venue do you most like to perform?
MC: Seahawk Cultural Center at our show, but if we have all four parts present, we love to sing anywhere there’s an audience!
BO: Anywhere there is an audience that appreciates good barbershop harmony, like for our upcoming show, “Bringin’ Down the House” on February 15, at 7 p.m., at Hilton Head Island High School. Had to put in a plug!
IC: Home parties are my favorite.
SG: Private parties

Most requested song at shows?
MC: We entertained non-stop at Christmas at parties and all the retirement homes, and “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” was requested a lot since many had heard us sing it last year!
BO: During the Christmas season, it was, “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas.”
IC: The most requested songs are at Christmas, and they vary.
SG: “18 Holes”

First concert you attended?
MC: The Kingston Trio a zillion years ago
BO: BB King in 1972
IC: Young Rascals
SG: A flute concert with my mother when I was about 12.

Favorite artist?
MC: Tough one … Karen Carpenter and Barbra Streisand. Lately I’ve become very impressed with Lady Gaga.
BO: Allison Krauss
IC: Bonnie Raitt
SG: Allison Krauss

Place you go to get away from it all?
MC: I get lost in a song! But seriously, I’m happy curled up with a good book on my comfy couch.
BO: Hunting Island Beach
IC: A cruise
SG: North Carolina mountains, Sapphire, N.C.

Do you tweet, gram, or book? What’s your handle?
MC: I’m only on Facebook, where you can find at 4themoment and at Hiltonheadshorenotes.
BO: Yes, Facebook at HiltonHeadShoreNotes and at 4theMomentQuartet. You can also find us on YouTube with the same handles.
IC: Facebook
SG: No

Finish this verse as if it were the hook of a song: “Sally went down to the bayou…”
MC: “Searching for the truth; instead she found the one guy, who helped her find her youth.”
BO: She said she really loved you, but then she saw some kudzu, and then she said goodbye you.”
IC: “To drown her sorrows over you.” (I’m clearly not a songwriter!)
SG: “To get some filé gumbo.”

Who would star as you in the epic retelling of your life on film?
MC: Sally Field
BO: Meryl Streep
IC: Lady Gaga. Otherwise, it would be boring!
SG: Renee Zellweger

First instrument you learned to play?
MC: The piano, when I was five. My parents had a baby grand, and I had perfect pitch.
BO: There’s a photo of me playing the toy xylophone when I was two years old. After that, piano.
IC: Piano
SG: Flute

Song you were thrilled to finally master?
MC: “And All That Jazz.” The words are killer!
BO: “When I See an Elephant Fly”
IC: “You Don’t Know Me” (in tenor)
SG: “Rhythm of Life”

What do you wish you knew more about?
MC: Music theory. Unfortunately, my parents discontinued my piano lessons when I was seven because it was difficult to make a young child practice for an hour a day, or so they thought. My biggest regret.
BO: How God created everything; that’s a mind-boggling thought. How about this: scientifically speaking, what makes the chords ring when an a cappella group sings perfectly together?
IC: Everything
SG: Woodworking

What animal do you most identify with?
MC: Bunny (big ears!)
BO: Cats. They are very independent. They stay up all night and sleep all day.
IC: Dogs
SG: Kitty

If you got super-famous and had to change your name, what would your new name be?
MC: I have no idea. All the good ones are taken!
BO: If I got super-famous, my fans would already know me as Betty. I would go with that.
IC: Iris Del
SG: Theresa LaFargeville

What famous musician would you love to sing a duet with?
MC: Andrew Bocelli (channeling Sarah Brightman) or Tony Bennett (move over, Lady Gaga).
BO: So many to choose from! Vince Gill, Allison Krauss, Dolly Parton to name a few. But we sing four-part harmony, so I would love to sing with some famous quartets like The Buzz, Viva, Martini, and so many more!
IC: Linda Ronstadt
SG: John Denver 

See The Hilton Head Shore Notes on February 15 at the Seahawk Cultural Center. For tickets visit

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