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Feb 28, 2024

Mansion at Rose Hill: Architectural Elegance Redefined

Barry Kaufman

Photography By

Just as the builders of this grand estate crafted a work of pure inspiration, we present to you spring looks that will stand the test of time.

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Embodying the mystique, allure and beauty of the Lowcountry, the Mansion at Rose Hill has stood for more than a century as an iconic symbol of Southern grace and beauty. From the soaring peaks of its Gothic windows to the elegant rise of its central grand staircase, its architecture speaks in reverent tones of the grandeur of the old South while constantly reinventing itself as the standard bearer for the new South’s sophisticated charm. 

From witnessing the horrors of war to being left abandoned, to its glory days at the heart of the Lowcountry’s gilded age renaissance, to a fire that left it an empty shell and then to restoration that ushered in a new era of beauty, it has persisted. 

Like the ageless boughs of the live oaks around it, this grande dame has witnessed the Lowcountry’s history as it has unfolded.  

And through it all, it has endured as a symbol of the South’s singularly everlasting beauty. What more fitting backdrop could we find, then, for the truly timeless fashions you see here? Just as the builders of this grand estate crafted a work of pure inspiration, we present to you spring looks that will stand the test of time.

Ensemble available at Coastal Bliss

Ensemble available at Coastal Bliss

Ensemble available at Kelly Caron Curated

Ensemble available at Gigi’s

Ensemble available at The Haven


Ensemble available at Birdie James

Ensemble available at Collage

Ensemble available at Collage, Glasses available at Eyeland Optique 

Ensemble available at Southern Tide

Ensemble available at Kelly Caron Curated

Ensemble available  at Palmettoes

Ensemble available at Palmettoes

Ensemble available at Maggie and Me

Ensemble available at Coastal Bliss

Ensemble available at Gigi’s

Ensemble available at Outside Hilton Head


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