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Mar 31, 2022

Feeling Better, Whatever it Takes

Barry Kaufman

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M.KAT Photography
There is more than one approach to treating pain and getting you moving and feeling your best. At CORA Physical Therapy, you’ll find all of them.

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Anyone who’s ever battled with a nagging pain knows that the physical discomfort is only part of it. Chronic pain is only slightly less frustrating than the myriad of opinions you’ll receive as to its cause.

If only there were someone who could look at all the perspectives and possible causes, view them through a lens of orthopedic science, and use that multi-dimensional approach to identify and correct your exact issue. Someone can. His name is John Lippitt, PT, DPT, and you’ll find him at CORA Physical Therapy’s newest location on Hilton Head Island.

“We have a branch in Beaufort and Bluffton, and several in the Savannah area,” John said. “It’s definitely a growing company and I’m excited to bring it to the island.”

The clinic recently launched in the Fresh Market Shoppes, offering a full array of services to help everyone from young athletes to those battling long-term COVID complications. And while the focus is on eliminating pain and restoring mobility, Lippitt’s unique background enables him to take that a step further.

“I have a heavy exercise background including a master’s in exercise physiology, so I’m big on getting you out of pain, but I view it more as a way to get you to your goals,” he said.

With his educational background, Lippett spent the first few years of his career as a personal trainer before he realized his passion lay in getting people out of pain rather than into it. “I love working with people to get them healthier,” he said. “I went the physical therapy route because you can specialize in so many different areas and show them how to fix themselves.”

And specialize he did. After earning his doctor of physical therapy degree from University of Vermont, Lippitt pursued certifications in trigger point dry needling and LSVT BIG to treat Parkinson’s disease. Adding to this well-rounded approach to physical therapy, he’s currently pursuing his post-graduate board certification as an orthopedic certified specialist (OCS).

John Lippitt, PT, DPT

“I get bored easily,” he said with a laugh. “But it has allowed me to be more effective, especially in more complicated cases. I may only use these tools every few months, but I have them when I need them. Being able to look at a person as a whole has been a huge benefit for me.”

That “kitchen sink” approach to physical therapy means that Lippitt can cut across those specialties, utilizing the best of each to get you back on your feet and on your way toward achieving your goals. And through CORA Physical Therapy, he’s able to do so quickly and effectively.

“We’re here to get you in when you want so you can start getting better,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what your starting level is, we’re going to get you where you need to be.”

To get started on your journey, call CORA Physical Therapy at (843) 705-2572.

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