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Apr 29, 2024

Editor’s Note: May 2024

Maggie Washo

Photography By

Jevon Daly
Have a wonderful May.  Call your mom.  

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Every time we do a MomPreneurs issue, I am in awe of the women we feature. As I watch them wrestle (and negotiate) with little ones during photo shoots, I think about how much effort it took them to show up looking like a million bucks. And they are simultaneously making sure the kids look great, too – and, oh yeah, running successful businesses in the background. No one can multi-task like a mother – which I guess is what gives them that superpower edge in business. Flip on over to page 34 to read some of their tips and tricks to juggling it all and staying sane. 

One such impressive mom is our Beaufort County Treasurer, Maria Walls, who has recently created a game to teach children about taxes. The CH2 crew got to witness this game being played at Hilton Head Christian Academy last month, with students volunteering to be local councilmen and women, tax collectors and voters. I’m not sure what I was more impressed with – the presentation or the intelligent comments from the students in response to the game. We’ve got some really smart kids in this town. 

Speaking of  really smart kids, head to page 112 to read about Anthony Bynum, a Hilton Head High School student who recently got accepted to Harvard. This is the second story in what will be a continuing series highlighting local students who are giving back to their community and doing impressive things at a young age. 

Of course, we are back with our guide to Summer Camps, one of the most requested features we do all year. Check out pages 73-77 for activities your littles can do throughout the summer months. 

Margaret Crenshaw is back with her column on Hilton Head Island’s early days, sail on over to page 100 to read about how “Fraser’s Folly” became Harbour Town.

In closing, I can’t believe it has been 14 years since we covered the last “Dancing with the Local Stars” event. When Sandro Virag, co-owner of Hilton Head Ballroom (with Armando Aseneta), asked me to participate in a fundraiser that Paul Ammeen was pulling together for the Kiwanis Club of Bluffton, of course I said “yes.” Then I slowly remembered how much time, practice, and mental energy it took to learn a 60-second routine. I salute my fellow dancers (meet them on page 92 of this issue) for all the preparation I know has gone into this special event happening May 19 at Seaquins Ballroom. Tickets sold out weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure there will be a video floating around somewhere on the interwebs.

Have a wonderful May. 

Call your mom.  


MAGGIE WASHO, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

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