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Mar 30, 2024

Editor’s Note April 2024

Maggie Washo

Photography By

Special to CH2/CB2 Magazine.
There are so many fun things in this April issue.

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How did I not know that more than 1,500 volunteers assist in making the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing happen every year? Perhaps I had heard that number thrown about sometime in the 17 years we’ve been talking about Hilton Head Island’s premier event, but it really hit home as I listened to Susan Wehrmaker talk about the two days it took them to prepare and organize the uniforms for this joyful army. In a peek at what happens from the other side of the ropes, we interview 10 of those special volunteers on page 30. They share their favorite golf moments and weigh in on whether it’s OK to wear plaid every day of the tournament, or just on Saturday.  

Continuing our journey through Sea Pines (unarguably THE place to be in April), we stopped by the Beach Club to catch up with Rob Mondavi, Amiri Farris, Mark Bowman and Matt Roher to learn about a unique wine collaboration, now available at the resort restaurants. Read the story about how this crew came together on page 76.

Of course, no Heritage coverage is complete without a CH2-style fashion spread featuring cute ensembles to strut at the tournament and the myriad of after-parties. Special thanks to the crew at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina for hosting our shoot, which you can find on page 80.

Margaret Crenshaw is back this month with her column on the bygone days of Hilton Head Island. Head over to page 48 to learn more about the first decade of development and how instrumental Charles Fraser’s wife, Mary, was in making Sea Pines a success. 

I personally want to extend a giant thank you to Sheila Tucker-Critchley for giving us all the strength and permission to say NO this month. I think this one is especially difficult for us females, although all people pleasers should head over to page 107 for guidance on how to utter these two tiny letters.

There are so many fun things in this April issue. Jesse Blanco waxes poetic about burgers, Musicians in Bathrooms is back with fiddle-phenom Alice Gould and Chef Lynn Michelle and Cassandra share their favorite recipes for your RBC Heritage gathering. We also headed out to Palmetto Bluff to check out Michael Kronimus’ new masterpiece.

We hope you enjoy – we’ll see you at the tourney! 

Maggie Washo, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

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